OMEGA Company Presentation was Held for SHELL Delegation in Moscow

Date of publication: 17 June 2015

Moscow, June 16, 2015 – OMEGA Company (is a subsidiary of the Transneft, JSC system) held a presentation of its own innovative developments for the delegation of the Royal Dutch Shell plc. The company representatives visited OMEGA Company office as part of the current agreement for cooperation between Shell and Transneft, JSC.

While opening the presentation Dmitry Pleshkov, General Director of OMEGA Company highlighted that the enterprise is ready for the beginning of the full-scale cooperation on the application of the System of Leak Detection and Activity Control (LDACS), developed by OMEGA Company, on Shell objects. The relevant issue was discussed in March, 2015 during the first meeting of Transneft, JSC and Shell joint steering Committee.

During the presentation Grigory Kiselev, Head of the Prospective Development, made a detailed report on OMEGA Company innovative products. He presented the functions and benefits of the Leak Detection and Activity Control System used in Transneft, JSC pipelines. Implemented since 2010, the system based on the application of distributed fiber optic sensors, is able to detect and identify potentially dangerous activity as well as a leakage in the protected pipeline zone in real time mode.

Besides, the interest of the Shell representatives has been aroused by such OMEGA Company innovations as a highly sensitive methane detector, created to equip oil and gas pipelines in crossings with other infrastructure, and a system for integrated wells monitoring. Their production is based on the use of domestic fiber-optic technology.

Shell specialists were demonstrated a remote access to one of Transneft, JSC pipelines, and the simulated oil leakage and various kinds of activity in the protected zone were conducted by the command from Moscow. In each case of the simulation the identification signal was displayed on the screen of the automated workplace within five minutes after the beginning of exposure.

During the demonstration of the remote access to the pipeline

“Currently, OMEGA Company is implementing the fifth generation of LDACS on Transneft, JSC pipelines. And it is characterized by the minimized number of false operations and a high-performance detection of events in the protected zone,” Dmitry Pleshkov said. He noted that the Russian and foreign pipeline operators showed the interest to the Russian innovative development, adding that OMEGA Company is open to the dialogue with partners on research and production issues.